T1002 - High Throughput HTX under Cycle Composer Control


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The HTX Twin PAL is used to increase throughput. It approximately doubles the injection rate of samples by staggering injections onto 2 sets of column switching setups totaling in 4 LC columns and 5 valves. Four customer-provided pumps will be used in a dedicated fashion, i.e., there are 2 elution and 2 regeneration pumps. Each PAL is controlled from its own session of Cycle Composer assigned to a different COM port.

Data is collected for several samples in one data file in order to further increase throughput. Both PALs have access to all available stacks and samples which can be “cherry-picked” if desired. Only one PAL checks for a ready signal from the mass spec. Special Sync signals are used to check the status of the other PAL before accessing shared areas.

In order to maximize the speed of injections, valve washes are handled by two Valve Self-Washing Systems.

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